PAYAMBA was founded with the purpose of making gentlemen dress less boringly by combining Danish Design with colourful African fabrics. Our designs are all curated by the design team in Copenhagen, Denmark and handmade by tailors in Masanga, Sierra Leone.

Fundamentally, we do not believe that being a gentleman and having a boring look go hand in hand. Of the same reason, it is a shame that we, especially in a Scandinavian context, have a tendency to dive into many shades of grey, rather than explore the many great colour combos out there.

That said of course you need to understand the basic rules of style and fashion, while it is only through daring to work on the edge of traditional customs, you are able to make your wear truly personal and move the world of gentlemen wear forward.

Colours are the starting point of our production process. The tailors go to the street markets in Makeni, Sierra Leone on the look out for interesting fabrics, whilst joined by our Copenhagen design team via whatsapp. When the colours are chosen our tailors turn them into handmade products on their pedal-powered Singer sewing machines from the 1960’s. Each design is made in a limited number and no two bow ties look the same. The result is mens accessories with both colour and personality, ready to spice up the world of formal clothing.
Martin, Brian and Anders