November 11, 2016


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November 10, 2016


Dress To Impress: The Pocket Square Edition

Everybody can put a piece of fabric in their pocket - no biggie. It is a total different ball game to find the right pocket square for not only your dress up, but also the occasion and your mood.  We have gathered a few examples of what the pocket squares are able to express with the flamboyant, the spacey and the funk.


The Flamboyant

This is a great way to combine the class of a suit with the energy of strong colors. Violet Florange can spice up any suit, no matter whether it is for a corporate meeting or a rave party. In which direction you will take it is up to you, but wherever you will go, it will for sure be flamboyant.


The Spacey

If life on earth becomes a bit too ordinary for you, get your ticket to go spacey with the Red Ufo pocket square. A much more smooth and discreet way to go supernatural than most alternatives. Are you more on the tech side of the universe, go full-blown Star Trek with the Blue Fingerprint pocket square and you will earn a big Vulcan Salute from us.


The Funk

Get the funk rolling in your veins with the most sexy peas in town. It is all about getting into the rhythm and go with the flow, when your suit is funked up and ready to go. Did anybody say sex machine?
Other blasts from the past include the Retro Burned Orange and the Retro Birds Eye.

See also our blog post on how to dress to impress with bow ties.

October 25, 2016

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Dress To Impress: The Bow Tie Edition

With a bow tie around your neck you are equipped with an efficient signifier of your personality. While all of our bow ties make sure you give a colourful and unique impression, you can do it in quite different manners.

The easy

If you are a busy guy and more up for instantly looking sharp than fiddling with a bow tie, the pre-tied African Umbrella will do the job for you in no time. Connect the clips and you are ready for the gin & tonics.

The fullblown

If tying your own bow tie is part of your definition of being a real man and the time used in front of the mirror with your dear bow tie is a meditation-like preparation before the big party, the self-tied Rattling Brown is an obvious candidate.

To get icing on the cake and go all flamboyant, you should get the matching pocket square as well.


The special

If bow ties made out of fabric are just a bit too ordinary to go with your extraordinary self, don’t worry, we have the perfect fit for you. Among bow ties of leather, coconut and wood you will find the crocheted blue/white bow tie among the Payamba Specials.

Wondering what else we have on the shelves? is all yours.

January 30, 2016


 Farewell to a member of the PAYAMBA family Joanna

Time flies when you do what you enjoy! These five months feel like they passed faster than you you can say ‘PAYAMBA - don’t give up!’. The internship at PAYAMBA has taught me a lot of practical skills that are an important supplement of theories learned at the university.

Firstly and most importantly, it has taught me how great it is to work for a good cause. I never really doubted that, but trying it in practice was an eye-opening experience. Fighting obstacles and overcoming difficulties was motivated by the good cause at the end of my activities. Photoshop acting weirdly? - well, it’s all worth it, if at the end the value will turn into sold bow ties and donations to the Masanga hospital. 

Moreover, I gained a valuable lesson of interacting with the customers via social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. With ups and downs I created content that you liked, or maybe sometimes you didn’t find that exciting, but hey, you’re reading this - it means I haven’t bored you to death! ;-) It was a fantastic journey that also taught me a lot about how Facebook for business works. 

Finally, I learned a lot about myself and that I enjoy what I want to work with in the future. This experience has opened my eyes on what I do with pleasure and I believe that’s the most important factor for happiness in life. While working at PAYAMBA, it was a shared happiness with those who are in need of help in Africa.

Thank you to all, who read my blog and social media posts. I was happy seeing your likes :-)


December 31, 2015


PAYAMBA - Give Back - December 2015

 It is just more fun to sell Bow Ties in December especially when it is also for a good cause - our great customers paid 166 nurse salaries in December!
We always look forward to christmas, because its fits so well with our spirit of giving! That is why we started out December deciding to give Masanga a christmas gift - we made a Facebook post and promised to give back 1 nurse salary for each sharing of the post. The gift accumulated to 1.170 DKK or 52 nurse salaries - thank you for sharing and caring :)
Christmas sales was mainly generated through our webshop, we recieved 52 orders for aproximately 100 Bow Ties, which resulted in a donation of 110 nurse salaries. We are very pleased that so many decided to give a Bow Tie for a friend or familiy, but we also hope that the figure will continue to increase :)
It is also noticable, that we have not had any refunds, meaning that all recievers of the Bow Tie gift are satisfied :)
Some of the sales was generated by a larger order from the coolest museum in Denmark, Louisiana  Museum in Humlebæk, Denmark - thank you :)
The total Give Back of daily nurse salaries now accumulates to 1.492!
Thank you for your support and happy new year :)

Love, peace and harmony
René Simonsen
Co-founder of PAYAMBA
December 25, 2015


Christmas wishlist

This festive season, all of us share our dreams and wishes with our loved ones. We might wish for that new album of our favourite band, a PAYAMBA bow tie or maybe a whole box of chocolates, but is it really what we dream of deep inside of our hearts? If you ask us, they all seem like quite some cool presents, to be fair. Though, we have come up with some even better dreams that good old Mr. Santa* should make come true!

  1. World peace. We would like all the people in the world to be able to live peacefully, enjoy their time with their families and be able to work for their living. Why do people fight anyway? There are enough PAYAMBA bow ties for everyone, there is no need to fight, guys?? Just kidding, but honestly, we need more positivity and peace in this world.
  2. Healthcare for Africa. At PAYAMBA, our main goal is to support the Masanga hospital that could provide the people in need with healthcare. No, we’re not talking about curing that nasty cold you caught over Christmas. In Africa way too many people don’t get help in serious life threatening cases. We are on the way to change that, even if (for now) just locally in this hospital in Sierra Leone.
  3. Gentlemen around us. Sometimes we daydream about coming back to the 1920s - the era of gentlemen wearing bow ties and living with the good manners. Can we all come back to that?? We hope Santa has a time vehicle that can bring us back. What a pleasure it would be to see PAYAMBA bow ties on all the fellows!
  4. Clothes making a change. Just imagine if all clothing companies were like PAYAMBA… Yeah, that’s a beautiful image. If all of them could be responsible and support sustainable development, this world would be a better place! 
  5. The colourful paradigm shift. Dear Santa, could those boring Europeans finally start wearing any other colours than black, blackest black and maybe navy blue? We need colour, we need cheerfulness and some great style! If they really have to, let them keep their black clothes, but at least just please give them some colourful bow ties! Love, PAYAMBA
  6. The world pioneers. We wish for PAYAMBA to become a great international success so that one day we could become role models, change the industry and the world for better! Nothing’s impossible for Santa Claus, right? We believe nothing is impossible if you put a lot of effort into your dreams. So who knows, one day maybe everyone will wear a PAYAMBA bow tie!

Before this all comes true, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas and even if you don’t celebrate it - enjoy your holidays in your own way!

Your PAYAMBA team


* DISCLAIMER: we’ve heard some rumours that some people don’t believe in Santa, but of course we all know he’s real!

December 01, 2015


PAYAMBA - Give Back - November 2015

Our customers Give Back for November was 37 daily nurse salaries - thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
For the most of November it seemed that it would be a historically bad month, but then as we closed in on December, orders started materializing. Our dear partner Masanga made a Facebook post on their webpage, which drove some sales through the webshop and the clothing store SOHO in Aarhus bought some bow ties to be ready for the increased demand for bow ties during christmas.

The total Give Back of daily nurse salaries now accumulates to 1.326.

November 15, 2015


10 reasons to wear a bow tie to your work christmas party, by co-founder René Simonsen

The season has come to put on your best clothes and hit the christmas parties. If you want to refresh your style, a PAYAMBA bow tie would be just the perfect accessory that you need! Don’t you believe us? Read the 10 reasons to wear our bow ties to the christmas parties, as suggested by René. He really knows what he’s talking about, as he wears our bow ties almost everyday!

#1: Stand out from your colleagues:

Well, the very first reason is that you don’t look just like Claus or Per from the accounting department, you signal that you are an individual and that you have something to offer to the social event. And most importantly you signal that you are ready to let people get a piece of that individual! — be yourself and shine with your style among your peers.

#2: It is the best conversation starter known to man kind:

What would you do if someone next to you was wearing a slightly silly, colorful bow tie?

Exactly - you would ask him, why on earth are you wearing that bow tie, besides the fact that you look awesome?

This is of course a great asset if you are single and need to start conversations with women or men for that matter (Reason #8 is also great for following up on this)! If you are not single, well then it shows that you cannot be controlled by your partner, which surely will ensure that you get the self-confidence tank filled up :)

#3: You seem.... more interesting: 

Do people find you kind of boring? Or do you work in accounting or some other department, which has a rumour of being filled with boring people? Then wear a Unique Bow Tie from PAYAMBA and just rock the party massively! If you really are boring and worry that a bow tie is not enough, we recommend that you also drink massively (Look at reason #4)!

unique bow ties

(René displaying the PAYAMBA christmas party style!)

#4: You can get away with things that you can hardly imagine: 

Empirical examples:

"Dude!! Look at that guy, he just kissed the boss and he did not wear pants!"

"Yeah I saw - he is just so awesome, did you know he paid for a nurse salary with that bow tie?”


"The bow tie guy just pissed in the punch bowl"

"What did you do about it"

"Nothing... He - he was wearing a bow tie"

#5: Use the act of "adjusting your bow tie" as punctuation after a statement:

Are you having trouble with being persuasive or winning arguments?

Do you tell too many bad jokes, that rarely recieve laughter?

Well, a bow tie will help you with both. You just don’t argue with a man in a bow tie, when he finishes an argument by adjusting his bow tie - this is the best validated statement you will find on the internet. And I will argue that it works just as well with a joke as with an argument. 

#6: Everyone will trust you:

Who is more trustworthy than a man wearing a bow tie, carrying the identity of an unselfish man called Payamba, who protected the Masanga Hospital during the civil war in Sierra Leone?

(I will leave this question unanswered, we simply cannot disagree here)

#7: You are in excellent company of likeminded individuals:

Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, James Bond, Donald Duck, Doctor Who...

 churchill in a bow tie

Frank Sinatra in a bow tie

#8: You can keep the conversation going:

Have you ever tried that, when after entering a conversation with someone, it just keeps stopping?

I know you have, but do not worry - a PAYAMBA bow tie is the solution. You can tell them about the Give Back concept and how YOU paid a nurse salary for a day buying this bow tie, how YOU helped mothers give birth by the care of the nurses, etc. etc. etc.

Tell about how we named the company after the hero Payamba and how his courage is one of the reasons why they have a hospital today.

The great part of this is that if you cannot remember it - you can just quickly go to the toilet and look it up on our webpage.

#9: You are pretty sure that no one enters the room wearing the same bow tie:

We only make 12 bow ties in each pattern, so you are are pretty certain that none of your colleagues steals your shine!

#10: (Only self-tie bow ties) Signal that you are able to tie a bow tie:

You will signal that you live your life as a surplus human, with absolutely no trouble in tying your own bow tie in pressured situations. There is no need to tell anyone that it took you 2 hours and 3 broken mirrors to do it!

(Be aware that to much bragging about it can result in some girl untying your bow tie at the party - this can really ruin the payambafication)


Whatever reason is your favourite, you can be sure that PAYAMBA bow ties will make your christmas parties season unforgettable (unless you literally forget what happened last night). 

November 07, 2015


Our favourite bow ties for the Autumn/Winter 2015 season

What a pleasure it is to introduce to you our new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. We have prepared some unique bow ties and colorful pocket squares to add spice to your elegant outfits in this season full of parties and meetings! Whether you want to rock on the dance floor or impress your mother-in-low, PAYAMBA has just the right bow ties designs for you.

Following our new PAYAMBA 12x12 concept, you can buy 12 different bow tie designs that are produced in series of 12 pieces. Though don't forget that each bow tie is unique, so you're guaranteed to have one of a kind accessories. Secure your bow tie before they're gone. In this article we present you our very favourite bow ties for this season!

The first newcomer to our collection is Black Mockingbird. Those bow ties are elegant and feature a very special and detailed print that reminds of birds and plants. If you prefer calm natural colors, this is a great choice. The bow tie, as always, is available both in the self-tie and pre-tied versions. Whichever you choose, this bow tie suits any occasion. 

unique bow ties from Africa


Another brilliant bow tie is called Retro Burned Orange. The name describes it very well, as it pleases the eye with gorgeous vivid colors with the dominant orange. Let this colorful bow tie spice up your elegant looks with a hint of retro style! 

retro style bow ties


The next one is definitely worth noticing if you're one of the gentlemen who prefer to wear darker shirts. Festoon Bows feature interesting pattern on a light background, so they will add light to your looks based on navy blue or black shirts. The unique pattern reminds of parties and fun, so it shall be your best choice for the upcoming Christmas parties! 

party bow tiesLastly, our very favourite - Dark Red Paisley. If we shall be completely honest - we would love to buy all of them, so that we could wear them every day until the end of our lives! We can't keep our eyes away of those bow ties... But no worries, we decided to share with you! Check out the amazing colors and the paisley print. It is both elegant and unique and has a lot of the PAYAMBA spice. Those bow ties look amazing when styled on a white shirt with a navy blue blazer, but of course it is your task to personalise your style - your imagination is the only boundary! 

paisley bow ties handmade in Africa

Hurry up to check out the whole collection in our web shop because the bow ties are sold out! Remember, there were produced only 12 pieces of each design and there might be just few left. 

November 01, 2015


PAYAMBA - Give Back - October 2015

The total Give Back for October was 35 daily nurse salaries!
Driven by sales from the webshop and a very special customer who ordered 8 sets of matching Self-Tie Bow Ties and Pocket Squares, for his wine club. They choose their own unique fabric, meaning that they have the only 8 sets in the world in this pattern.

The total Give Back of daily nurse salaries now accumulates to 1.289 and we just hope that this figure keeps on growing every month :)

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